Girls must get into pairs - one bande annonce the escort vostfr of the rj naved prank call to a girl download pair sits on the chair, the other stands behind them. .
Ship TO shore Equipment: Nil.Team B starts standing in a tight circle. .The person whose hand is slapped on it names a colour and starts to spell it out as the slapping continues eg: Blue.One group is the Dads, one group is the Mums and one group is the Babies. .Sitting games balloon game Equipment: A balloon.Once a girl has passed the ball to someone else, she sits down and cannot be passed the ball again. .Any girl who is not part of a group is out.The girl in the middle can also call out "Fruit Salad" which means everyone has to stand up and run to a different chair.The girl on the chair has three chances at pointing where she thinks the girl is sneaking. .
The leader may call out one of four different instructions. .
Each team picks one girl to sit at the front - right near the sheet. .
Sheet game Equipment: A large sheet.
Meetings are held anywhere from weekly to monthly depending on the commitments of the participants and the activities in progress.
Both girls at the front of their teams try to say the name of the other girl before her own name is said. .The others all run away and have to try and sneak back and touch 'home' without being caught. .The next girl must receive it by only using her feet. .Equipment: One toy frog (or change the name for a different toy animal).I, for example, am Snowflake. .When the music stops each girl must sit on a chair. .Fishes and Whales line up on opposite sides of the room and the Shark stands in the middle. .Then the Leader says "Open your eyes" and the other girls must open their eyes and try to guess who is under the blanket. .The leader times the girls and the closest girl to the second landmark after 1 minute wins.Explanation: All the girls sit in a circle, except one girl who sits on a chair in the middle of the circle. .The leader can call out One, Two or Three. .Each pair takes one page of the newspaper and has 1 minute to find and circle as many occurrences of a given letter (eg 'k as possible. .Each team sits on one side of the sheet so that the other team can't see them at all. .

She must throw (or bounce) the tennis ball straight up and call out the name of another girl. .
Queenie turns around and must try to figure out who has the ball. .
Vegetable game Equipment: Nil.