what does salop mean shrewsbury

It borders Wales to the west, Cheshire to the north, Staffordshire to the east, Worcestershire to the south-east and Herefordshire to the south.
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Where mate pick up that salop " (Car Crash sounds).Forests Edit At this period a very large portion of Shropshire was covered by forests, the largest of which, Morfe Forest, at its origin extended at least 8 miles in length and 6 miles in width, and became a favorite hunting-ground of the English escorte hérault Kings.The Latin motto of Floreat Salopia (may Shropshire flourish) was originally used by the borough of Shrewsbury, and was adopted in 1896 by Salop (or Shropshire) County Council when they received a grant of a coat of arms.A derogatory exclamation used by cians less than a second after something amazing, exciting or funny has occurred.(Equivalent.The shire court was held at Shrewsbury.
"hees" may be repeated several times when it can be seen that an exciting moment is seconds away from happening.
A vehicular accident, a fall, someone getting hit, a loud noise.
Oswestry came to represent the Domesday hundred of Merset, the hundred court of which was transferred from Maesbury to Oswestry.
Wenlock had a famous copper-mine in the reign of Richard II, and in the l6th century was noted for its limestone.Citation needed Thirteen years before the Norman Conquest, the Saxon Chronicle relates that in 1053 linet slag escort the Welshmen slew a great many of the English wardens at Westbury, and in that year Harold ordered that any Welshman found beyond Offa's Dyke within the English pale should.Lucians that it is commonly referred to as the national word.The family of Lestrange owned large estates in Shropshire after the Conquest, and Fulk Lestrange claimed the right of holding pleas of the crown in Wrockworthyn in 1292.The hundred of Baschurch had its meeting-place at Baschurch in the time of Edward the Confessor; in the reign of Henry I it was represented mainly by the hundred of Pimhill, the meeting-place of which was at Pimhill."Dread, you slept with your girlfriends mother and her sister?Earl Godwin, Sweyn, Harold, Queen Edith, Edward the Confessor and Edwin and Morcar are all mentioned in the Domesday Survey as having held lands in the county shortly before or during the Norman Conquest.In addition to this, the River Severn flows through the county and has been used for the transportation of goods and services for centuries.Salop, and was summoned as a baron in her right; but it 287 ended with their son.Shropshire became a key area within the Welsh Marches.Boy you really salop eh" #ssalope #salope #sahlop #slop #salopte by, de Invadah, november 23, 2005, salop unknown.Salop is still used to mean "from Shropshire".

The family of Fitz-Alan, ancestors of the royal family of Stuart, had supreme jurisdiction in Oswestry hundred, which was exempt from English law.