In the face of a progressive and changing phenomenon such as prostitution, analyzing the current affairs day after day is an essential tool for detecting and anticipating evolutions.
It reveals a new real awareness of a phenomenon public Authorities don't always realize: Japan - Schoolgirls are lured into Japan's JK industry (.Le Monde - This creates two ways of being: the habit of frustration for women and the immediate satisfaction, considered normal, that drives men.However, prostitution has not always existed everywhere.New Vision kenya - Drought pushes adolescent girls into prostitution to feed their families (.Innovations to that effect are not rare: In France, a geolocation site for prostitutes worries the police ( Le Parisien ) In Canada, a new app allows you to find rooms usable by the hour ( Ici Radio Canada ) Social networks role, particularly Facebook.Guardian, ran as a title: "36,000 Nigerians crossed to Italy via Mediterranean Sea in 2016 Pimps send 7 times more young women to Europe via local mafias and Pentecostal churches Du Nigéria aux trottoirs de l'Europe, March 26th, 2017).write psychologists Suzanne Képès and Philippe Brenot, but rather demanding personalities who have difficulty managing their impulses and accepting their frustration.
More and more articles warn about the prostitution risks met by youth.
All of them had the same conclusions: ONE does NOT exist!
The Scelles Foundation publishes avis site pour plan cul its "2017 International Press Overview on prostitution which is a compilation of almost.700 articles collected on a daily basis during that year.
Along with its competitor, Adultwork, the site allows users to shop for sexual access to womens bodies.
There exists, at least, two groups of men who resort to sex services: those who rarely do it and those who have frequent encounters with prostitutes.What about the other?The group had been bringing women from Romania, and sexually exploiting them in a network of brothels around the.In France, several cases effectively presented both sex young procurers exploiting young runaway French minor girls, city delinquents' girl-friends or victims, who had turned to procuring: 2 pimps aged 19 arrested ( Lyon Capitale ) They prostituted their girlfriends aged 15 and 16: three years."Uncommon" As usual, media prefer what is picturesque and strange to debate analyzingThe increase in sexual puppets and robots thus became the favorite theme within a few months: China - An engineer marries the sex robot he built himself ( Slate ) ; Japan.It is time the British government did the same and finally woke up to the sexual abuse scandal playing out in brothels across the country.Vivastreet is one of the prostitution procurement websites identified in a recent inquiry by the all-party parliamentary group on prostitution as enabling industrial-scale sexual exploitation.One must, kit coquin however, ask: can one sacrifice a category of women in order to preserve the "order" of society?Kat Banyard calls on the government to wake up to the scandal of the sexual abuse of trafficked women.Prostitution is a «Necessary Evil prostitution is a «Necessary Evil one of the most escort girl ronde ile de france common areas anchored in our collective conscience.It is one of the reasons that make prostitution a "necessary evil"!In primitive or traditional societies, prostitution is unknown.Indian Express burkina Faso "Prostitutes" aged 10 to 15 arrested in a brothel ( Benin Web TV ) Victims are younger and younger and so are the torturers.Prostitutes are mostly women, and most studies showed that the great majority of clients are men.