Next up we have the excellent Nhar who gives 'Sara' a makeover, coming up with a blissful, balaeric house workout that is pure audio pleasure, an unmissable laid back gem that is essential listening for the summer ahead.
The libertine is locked in jail.
The package is closed with another Canadian pairing, this coquina bay apartments reviews time between.19 Music owner Nitin and Clayton Steele who take 'Libertine' and twist it into a piece of brilliant percussive techno.
T/ Release Info: Toronto's My Favorite Robot Records look to the second remix package taken from Farimont's superb recent album 'Automaton'.The EP kicks off with the holy pairing of Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris under their It's a Fine Line moniker who take 'Creatures of the Night' and rework it into a robotic and glitch electro influenced offering.But I still have.So we pass the mic and they've got nothing to say except: «Bow down, bow down, bow down to your god».Part one saw an outstanding selection that featured an epic remix from Ewan Pearson amongst others, now the second package is ready to drop with a killer remix selection.And in this drought of truth and invention.
I've got to go, so here.
And all our heroes lack any conviction.
So i've got to go, i've got to go, so here.
Whoever shouts the loudest gets the most attention.Metronomic clicks and bleeps blend with rich bass and syncopated rhythms to provide a solid bed for Fairmont's spacey vocal deliver, quality stuff.The deft fusion of vocal indie tinged songs with richly layered electronica had producers lining up to remix tracks from the LP leading to not one but two site echange social remix singles featuring album highlights remixed by the great and the good.They shout through the bars of cliche and addiction.Remix duties for 'Waiting' fall to label bosses and Canadian super heroes My Favorite Robot who strip the original back and rebuilt it as a pulsing, dark slice of electronica replete with brooding pads and angular synths, sublime.Then we hit the floor, and make ourselves an idol to bow before, Well I can't, and I wont.Fairmont's third studio album 'Automaton' was released on My Favorite Robot Records in 2012 to a rapturous climate change solutions response from fans and press alike.I'm going to run the risk of being free.The motorway won't take a horse.The pirate sunk and broke his sail.The hitchiker was bound and gagged, raped on the roadside.The traveller unpacked his bags for the last time.Oh no, not.

The circus girl fell off her horse and now she's paralysed.