thai prostitute falls to death

They added in a statement: "As many of you know we lost our beautiful Joy on Saturday morning.
"Mr Vella was in shock and knowing that prostituée pour personne handicapée he had overstayed his visa ran away and kept her mobile phone in his bag and left the room."Miss Wannipa and Mr Vella were having very strange, extravagant sex on the balcony until she fell down below and died.Andrayoss said: It was a horrible shock when we were told he had been arrested.Authorities found a pack of Kamagra oral jelly, a sex drug containing the similar active ingredient found in Viagra (sildenafil next to her after plunging to the ground.He said: "cctv from the incident was examined and after checking evidence at the hotel the suspect was found to be Mr Reece Vella, a British citizen, aged 25 years.Was she alone or was she having sex at that moment?I walked to check and saw a shadow on the ground which turned out to be the body of a woman without clothes.In footage from the arrest, the tourist - who arrived in Thailand between three and four months ago - is heard asking to be un-cuffed before laughing as he says: "Can I have a cigarette now?".Reece Vella, 25, was taken into custody on January 7, a day after Wannipa Joy Janhuathon, 26, fell naked to her death in Pattaya, Thailand.
In addition, he is allegedly wanted.K.
Police claim that the reckless and negligent behaviour was the sex on the balcony that directly caused Wannipas death.
It was an accident.
He admitted to punching her twice in the face and hitting her with a bin lid.The police case is that on the day of the incident.Wannipam, who was known as Joy, fell naked along with a half-empty packet of sex drugs from an apartment in tourist hot spot Pattaya on Saturday morning.Heavily-built Vella, from Birmingham, West ecb euro yen exchange rate Midlands, was arrested yesterday afternoon at the nearby Route CC Roadhouse bar and was filmed producing two mobile phones from his pockets - one of which police claim was Wannipa's handset.Police Lieutenant Narong Chantra, deputy head of investigations at Pattaya Police, said Vella had been arrested on suspicion of "negligence causing others to die" and fled the scene in panic knowing that he was staying in the country illegally on an expired visa.Janhuathon sustained severe head injuries and multiple fractures after falling from the fifth floor of a hotel balcony.Hours later, she was dead, having suffered severe head injuries after falling while Vella fled on a motorbike allegedly with her phone.She was lying down and there was blood around her face.Police searched the empty room - finding clothes and used condoms - then began a manhunt for the foreign tourist amid suspicions that he had fled the scene following the death of the woman."The place will not be the same without Joy's big cheeky smile and sense of humour.

We think that this kinky sex on the balcony caused her to fall.
People said he ran away after the crime but we dont know anything about that.