The State of call girl 31 Rampur is the only surviving remnant of the great coquine menu toronto Rohilla power, and owes its origin to an Afghan named Sardar Daud Khan, who came to seek his fortune in India and succeeded in annexing the country now knowi as Rohilkhand.
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Title was conferred in January, 1910, in re- cognition of eminent services rendered at the Mahap Makam festival of 1909, when over one million people had assembled in Kumbakonam, and sanitary arrangements had to be organ- ized and supervised.
He served the Kapur- thala State for seven years as an Assistant Engineer, and was employed on the Patiala-Bhatinda Railway.The jagir is valued.Jora Mal, RaiSaheb; title conferred on January ist, 1892, in recognition of his public services.I., Seva Khas Khel, Sham- sher Bahadur, was born on ths 17th March, 1863; ascended the gaddi on May 27th, 1875; and assumed full powers in 1881.Rai Mian Hira Singh, Mian of a Ruling Chief; born, 1849; succeeded to the gaddiy September 30th, 1876.A Bhil and Rajput warrior attired in saffron robes, proper.During his fathers last illness he carried on the entire administration of the State in his fathers name for several months with a tact which augured well for his future.His two sons Abdul Hamid and Abdul Ras entered the service of Ghulam Kadir Khan, no- torious for having blinded the aged Emperor Shah Alam in 1788.13,000 is paid for the pargana of Kotapad.He joined the Sikh chiefs in the great battle of Sirhind, when Zain Khan, the Mohammadan viceroy, was slain, and obtained the pargana of Amloh as his share of spoil.Ho was educated at Daly College, Indore, and Mayo College, Ajmere.
Part III nihal singh 155 Having acquired a thorough acquaintance with his own country and its resources, he started for Japan.
Mohammad Hassan, Khan Saheb, Honorary Magistrate; title was conferred on January ist, 1909.
Mahtab Shah, Khan Saheb; Lecturer on Anatomy in the Lahore Veterinary College; title was conferred on January ist, 1897.For this service he was awarded the.The finances are in a flourishing condition, due to the wise administration of the Maharaja, who is assisted by a Council of four members.He came into conflict with the imperial authorities by resisting and killing the governor of Kora in 1734.Venkata Narasayya,., Rao Bahadur; Chairman, Muni- cipal Council, Bezwada; born, i860; title conferred in June, 1910, in recognition of his public services.He was appointed governor of Jammu in 1893, and held that post till 1905, when he was made Foreign Minister to the Kashmir State.