stellaris libertine persuaded quest

Not an exaggeration, he is on the escort annonce marseille other side of the city, and there are no markers or dialogues or anything to indicate where to find this guy, so you'd think he'd be right there by the first mob you killed, because that is the.
Like seriously, wtf why is it made fucking RNG if the guy talks or doesn't?
finally causing him to pop up with echange ancien permis de conduire marocain some dialogue and allow me to click on him.
Done in 3 minutes, agrroed 2-4 mobs.The fastest way to get to him was for me to hearth out and re-enter the city.Community Details.7k, blorg Friends, a place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the 4X grand strategy game Stellaris by Paradox Development Studio.I run in progressively larger circles, trying to target him.Create Post r/Stellaris Rules.Rule 10: Content breaks the spirit of the rules.Press J to jump to the feed.Rule 8: Missing flair/contains spoilers.That's all you get to.This literally does not make any sense at all and due to Stelleris having several different spawn points you cannot simply camp one.
This world quest is soul-suckingly frustrating and just bad.
Between those three kills I died a few deaths due to adding some of those elite patrols etc, which made the whole affair really increasingly frustrating.
So I go find this guy, and I am on a BM Hunter so I can solo things most other classes couldn't dream of soloing, and have Feign Death so when things get really hairy, I at least can escape with my life.
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I track down the Stelleris Libertine.Posted by, i'm on the quest where you have to find 6 artifacts of the Precursor Species, but since 95 of the galaxy is already surveyed, how am I supposed to find the anomalies.By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.Well ok, maybe I just need to knock him down at a slower pace (which btw is really shitty to do when you're in danger of adding about 20 elite mobs) and I proceed to do t nothing again and Stelleris dies another death.Rule 4: Breaking content policy or reddiquette.Third time round I just auto him to death, not using any abilities at all.This is just a freaking joke and the employee at blizz designing this quest is bad and should feel bad.Which he doesn't but prefers some manly death over ratting out his comrades.This World Quest has some serious issues and I really think it should just be removed, and maybe brought back at some later date if someone feels like making it not nearly impossible to complete.Well that shit is where all the the elite packs are patrolling around so thinking that might be annoying but no biggie I set out to do as I was told.Rule 5: Screenshot is missing explanation.

After some looking around I find the fella patrolling with his Vigilant buddy and I start knocking down on them expecting the Stelleris guy at some point to surrender.