Will be in contact with iPad when the case is used).
The cover must be repositioned in a specific order, like this.We can see quite a few echange harley contre trike important parts on the back chassis: -The antenna contacts in yellow -The ringer in blue -The camera cover in glass -The buzzer in red.This tutorial was made with the Trend Galaxy Lite 2 tool sets, so you can have the right spatula and the right screwdriver if you choose this set.We take this opportunity to get a close up of the chipset in case one of you needs a reference.Now let us deal with the home menu button.The glass is now no longer connected to the LCD except by a little glue.If it slides easily, it's the right side that needs to be put in contact with the iPad glass screen.So this is why you need to use a PH0 this time, and nothing else.6- Dismantling the Home menu button of the Galaxy Trend 2 lite.
Brief last minute reminder; a power problem or alteration in tracks at the USB connector.
For the record, this is the phone antenna; as you see antenna change, the circuits are now visible (certainly for increased flow rates).
Your Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 lite is now as good as new, or even better than new because you have in part contributed to reconstructing it!
We take the opportunity to draw your attention to the notorious back plug which we disconnected during the first section; we observe that this operation avoids getting a nasty surprise during dismantling.
Volume and power buttons in black.
Do as in this illustration, and keep it open so you can still do a torque on the lower part which you are going to heat at the same time; for the moment do not press too hard, this is just to lift the glass.
Then replace the chassis of the home button.It is a long time since removing and changing the glass of a Samsung Galaxy Ace could be done off the cuff in 4 minutes!Make also sure hat the new film covers well the seal - remove bubbles when exist - close the case and test it empty for 2 min underwater to check if it is waterproof.Ultraclear film for Andres' aiShell Air waterproof case.While doing so, keep you spatula flat so you leave no trace on the chassis cover, which is important for the appearance of your phone.Let's get back to the subject.In fact, to change any small part you are nearly always obliged to dismantle the entire screen, with the associated risk of damage, broken screws (we will deal with that later) and glue to be re-applied.3- Preparations for dismantling the glass of Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 lite.A larger one (a PH0) brings a considerable risk of slippage and therefore of breaking the screw heads; the same goes for a smaller one.En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez lutilisation de Cookies et/ou autres traceurs pour vous proposer des publicités ciblées adaptés à vos centres dintérêts.You can then remove the protective film from the glass, which is not intended to stay on during use.So remember to press like crazy on the screwdriver while turning, even if it means you will need 3 tries for just one turn.As earlier it is a good idea to remove it from the top to avoid heating further down This method has the advantage of spreading the pressure all along the length of the screen and not just where you are lifting it; so you can.You will probably have great difficulty unscrewing them; you need to press hard on the screws to undo them.

Using your fingers, release some clips (2 or 3) on the side as follows: Do the same on the other side: This will have the effect of pressurizing the top and bottom of the glass.
When dismantling any cell phone, always remove the battery or SIM card (here the G318h is a solo and if a duet version comes out, you can also use this guide, the same tools and also the same part, as only the painted wording.