Despite the Western theme, you can catch some of the town's best off-Strip music (especially hip-hop) shows here.
decided to open his own mini-container park.Nellis Dunes Las Vegas is surrounded by desert, and deserts mean sand dunes.If you want to leave a bar and take your drink with you, by all means, ask for a plastic cup and hit the streets.As far as sand dunes go, these aren't the most majestic, but it's still pretty fun to hop on an ATV and ride around.First Friday escort 60 hp tractor On the first Friday of every month, Downtown Las Vegas hosts art walks, vendors, food trucks, and live music throughout the area.You'll be blackout drunk within the first three hours you arrive on the Strip, and you'll stay that way until you leave three days later.Countless locals grew up in homes with parents who are singers, musicians, dancers.
It sounds like a disgusting combination.
The chef, Saipin Chutima, has a James Beard Award for God's sake.
No misleading claims.
First, if it's a non-table game (slots, keno, etc.
The Bangers and Mash Pasty features some homemade pork and sage sausage that goes down especially well with a cold beer.Cheffini's Hot Dogs, downtown Container Park Architects are super into making green structures out of giant recycled containers these days.If you are from New York or LA, it's not really worth it, and you're probably not feeling the celeb chefs back home anyway.Some of the best DJs in the world have long-standing residencies on the Strip.The décor is unimpressive, but the specialty pancakes are on point.Joyful House This Chinatown sit-down restaurant features a selection of Chinese-American food (chicken and broccoli and those kinds of basics but also traditional Hong Kong Chinese dishes that include varieties of shark fin soup and clay pot dishes.On a recent night, rapper Marion Write, singers Pyramid Ron and Deena Jeaux, guitarists Dominick Hill and Devrin Allen, spoken-word artist Danni McQueen, along with drummer Josh Gibbs and local artists Goose and Marcus Harris, collaborated on a last-minute secret show to a packed house.Enjoy the best of both worlds with a beer cocktail (Col.We've placed them above because they're great places to get a drink as much (maybe more so) than a place for enjoying music.The Olive Hookah Bar Everything about Olive is weird.