By Tom Potter - Student from Halifax on 8/18/2017, this is simply an amazing scent.
By Jermel Kidd - musician from Pensacola on 12/1/2012, upon receiving two LuckyScent samples, consisting of Lumiere Noire Pour Homme, and prostitution grenoble gare Absolue pour le Soir, I immediately phoned up LuckyScent to purchase a FB of Lumiere Noire Pour Homme.
It starts ever so rosy escort girl x and sparkly, then it develops to be spicy and warm and almost oriental.This fragrance shines and sparkles upon application but eventually calms down to feel warm, cozy, and effortless.By Anonymous - from Tennessee on 6/3/2013, very sexy rose scent.I also sense the earthy, dirty smell of the warm wet soil, the scent of the fertile ground in the village I grew.I received probably 5 1ml and.5ml spray samples of this scent over the past year.Remember, these scents are designed to blend with you and not mask.By A - Accountant from Doha on 4/26/2016.Do not be afraid of rose here, most people will not even recognize it except in some middle part of journey.It seems to me that Francis Kurkdjian sometimes makes simple fragrances that do not change because, as he mentioned in one interview, everything revolves around top notes which sell the product.Where as Rose 31 is unique and strange, Lumiere Noire pour Homme is soft and sexy.I wore a sample of this for francfort allemagne maison close several weeks not realizing it was the men's version of the scent.
Which really took me by surprise.
- Personal Trainer from Urbana on 2/11/2010.
So, every time I ordered something else or other samples, I would also get another sample of this.
It was Masculine Pluriel.
It is a smooth, creamy, clean, modern barbershop style fragrance with a classic masculine base of leather and patchouli.It does become powdery in the drydown but that is the best part.I have no proper words to describe it, this is one of the most beautiful smells I have experienced in my life.The only rose fragrance I've liked so far is Royal Mayfair, which I love.From a guys perspective, Lumiere to me is definitely not at all feminine.Haha I personally don't think the smell of roses is that great at all.By Paul - from Marion, IN on 9/29/2011, if you've ever sniffed Narciso Rodriguez for Women, loved it, and wished there was a male equivalent, here it miere Noire is a rose and patchouli mix with a touch of cinnamon over a base of clean egyptian-style musk.By Patrick - Forensic Accountant from Newport Beach on 1/4/2016.It is warm, dark rich, with a bit of spice.