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This market is known as poor to changer son billet de train en ligne poor and is tacitly allowed by the international conglomerates.
They are recruited in Moldavia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Serbia, and then supplied with forged Rumanian passports enabling them to move around more freely in Europe.
A little over a week ago, two young women from Romania were stood on a roundabout, trying to attract drivers.
Supply and demand, we are in the relentless grip of market forces, writes Alain Tarrius, Professor of Sociology at Toulouses Mirail University."All of them said they do it of their free will, and some also work as home cleaners or caregivers says the mayor.In February, the Supreme Court of Catalonia ruled that police speculation was not sufficient grounds to dampen the libido of paying customers.The money from this traffic, worth some.5 billion euros, is used to buy the oldest traffic of all, namely young women.Much to its residents' dismay, La Jonquera has become famous for its prostitution.The men, arms folded, answered shyly.
"How can you give someone who is facing charges a license to open a brothel?" asks Martínez.
Who would think that I would get involved in something like that?
Most are Romanian, said the mayor, but there were also four Bulgarians, three Senegalese and five Nigerians.
The mayor walked over to them; one left immediately, while the other started crying when she saw the photographer.An establishment selling women for sex is situated right next to one selling tyres.HGV sex The worst headache of all for Jordi Cabezas must be the prostitutes operating uncontrolled in La Jonqueras huge HGV parks.Since the rate charged by each woman is around 60 for une passe or sexual encounter of half an hour, she starts to make money after servicing two clients.The Spaniard Dani Farled, meanwhile, the son of a sex worker, is more critical of the industry.The women charge what they like and he takes no percentage from their incomes."My family does not know what I'm doing here!" she sobbed.With the advent of democracy in the late 1970s, one might have expected prostitution go the way of those little books of fascist echange billet idtgv party propaganda.During the poppy harvest some 65,000 Afghans converge onto the ports of Samson and Trebizond in Turkey or Poti in Georgia."He is my friend said Silutza.

The prostitutes must first of all pay back huge sums 70,000 euros each before they are set free.