MEPs can use the parliamentary chauffeur service for the 20-minute ride; for staffers echange standard piece automobile and others with business in club echangiste 77 Strasbourg, a taxi ride costs.
Parmi les autres exemples, toujours dans le registre des vices, figurent les jeux dargent.
The prostitutes are less visible, but that does not mean that there are less of them.Because the laws in neighbouring Germany are looser since 2001 prostitution is legally regulated and sex workers even get health insurance there is regular cross-border traffic.Face à la porosité des limites territoriales qui amenuisent la portée des lois, seul le changement des mentalités peut restaurer leur fonction.It might be time to find some place even farther from the border.On behalf of the Cafébabel team, Merci, Gracias, Thanks, Grazie, Danke!At the historic Hotel Ochsen, which boasts a beer garden decorated with portraits of Napoleonic generals, a single room will set you back at 49 per night.Translation by: Francesca Reinhardt, in the last year, the picturesque city of Strasbourg has become known as the red light district of Alsace, a veritable European capital of prostitution.On the German side, you have dinner with your colleagues in a typical German family-run place, McAllister said.Certains nhésitent pas à signaler aux associations les mauvais traitements dont peuvent être victimes les prostituées.
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Strasbourg and Kehl are connected via a pedestrian bridge, a road and a railway.
Rather than stay in the picturesque Alsatian capital, they changer un e billet de train direct their chauffeur-driven cars and taxis across the Rhine to Kehl, passing seedy bars, drab architecture and roadside sex workers on their way to no-nonsense bed-and-breakfast accommodation.
In Strasbourg, the hotels are double the price, said German MEP.
Instead, you find upper mid-range hotels, a few fruit and vegetable shops, and even a second-hand childrens toy shop.But the hotels are family-run, the beer flows like the Rhine and the meals are usually home-cooked.Weitere Informationen finden Sie im anhängenden Prospekt-PDF.As a long-haul truck driver, Markus Straub has travelled across Europe for years, but never has he seen so much blatant prostitution as in Strasbourg.Most German MEPs stay a few kilometers away from the towns main drag in Kork, a quaint village that barely registers a pulse when the lawmakers are not in town.With the internet, they have developed whole new forums, which I find very alarming.But while the smaller German city has historic links with Strasbourg and boasts a similarly rich history, it doesnt quite have the.De nombreux lieux ont du personnel francophone ou proposent la liste des prestations également dans la langue de Molière.Since the end of World War II, Strasbourg has cemented its reputation as a European hub even if many MEPs complain about the monthly excursions there as an unnecessary waste of time and resources.