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Caravan palace, jolie, coquine.
'Cunt' acronyms include: "Carlton United Network Television" (British Comedy Awards, 1999) CharlieUncleNorfolkTango (Tony White, 1999) "Completely Unbearable Neo-Trash" (Sharon O'Connell, 2000) (Blood Duster, 2001) "Cuddly Uncle Ned's Trio" (John Spencer, 2001) "Cricklewood Under Nuclear Threat" (Philippa Ritchie, 2012) Claire's Un-Natural Twin (band name) 'Civilian Under.#6 La Havane (Cuba la Havane, pour être y aller il y a quelques années, cest un cocktail détonant : un peu de rhum, un de musique et beaucoup de charme.'En tant que pays musulman démocratique, la Turquie joue un rôle indispensable dans la promotion du dialogue interculturel et interreligieux.'Cunt' and 'country' (pronounced 'cunt-ry 'cunt-ree or 'cunt-er-ee are phonetically rather than etymologically related, though, coincidentally, the Old French for 'country' and 'county' are 'cuntree' and 'cunte' respectively.'I knew that they had nude pool parties.'Cunt' has a long history of abuse, though the standard terms 'vagina' and 'pudendum' themselves are far from neutral.'I'd say, 'Why are you scribbling your name on bits of paper for people?' It all seemed very strange.
'I did not want to see the police because I was scared Jordan Rodgers told Good Morning America on Monday.
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