ford escort silivri

W/o Sep 13, 1995.
Transferred to rcaf Apr 8, 1946.
23655 (474th FG) lost Dec 17, 1944.SOC May 17, 1968 and scrapped at Valence (France) in 1968.Transferred to rokaf, then to Philippine AF 73409 served with 131st FBW at George AFB during Korean War period.Crashed and destroyed on takeoff for parachute operations at Lakeside, California Feb 14, 1971.Repaired and to Swiss AF in 1948 as les prostituées bois de boulogne J-2069.Warbirds Worldwide Directory gives a different history-became N90813, acquired by usafm and loaned in 1974 to Pima County Museum, Tucson,.3352 (94th BG, 410th BS, "Virgin's Delight shot down by fighter and crashed into North Sea off Germany Nov 29, 1943.
Reported in 1990 as being airworthy as N64CL 74425 (MSN ) to rcaf as 9591.
Pilot bailed out but was killed when his parachute failed to open.
74174 (2nd saaf Sq) shot down by AAA 5 mi N of Uijongbu, Korea Nov 13, 1951.Macr (1st FG, 27th FS) lost Mar 18, 1945.Scrapped at Creil.14901 (N.7064) to Royal Norwegian AF as 14901, later 901.To US civil registry as N9049Y.84490 to raaf as A68-764.Recovered from Presidente Stroessner AP, Ascuncion and shipped to USA in 1972.63942 (45th FS, 15th FG, 7th AF) in ground accident while parked at South Field, Iwo Jima Jun 4, 1945.Registered G-tfsi Jun 17, (67th TRW, 45th TRS) pilot lost control and bailed out Aug 15, 1952.Damaged in belly landing at Denver, CO Jun 1984 but repaired.W/o Aug 21, 1967 on flight from Quang Gnai to DaNang, VN when aircraft crashlanded and caught fire, killing 4 passengers, injuring the pilot and 3 other passengers.67699 destroyed in crash Nov 7, 1944.74632 (2nd saaf Sq) shot down by AAA near Young-dong, Korea Sep 1, 1951.Kh18Kh-6/21, code 71121, then (MSN.1344).