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Illustrate using a variety of "camera shots" (Ex.
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The theme relates to your classic fable.Thank you for your support of 3DVisionLive over the years.Assignment, create a Comic Modern Fable get inspired, how to get started: Steps 1) Use your T-Chart to help guide your story.2) Write your story in a paragrah to help focus on story elements, stages of plot and the beginning, middle, and end of your.It's important to accept people for who they are)4.Your fable reflects the cultural values of your society.5.
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Dear 3D Vision Fans, We have enjoyed sharing 3D Vision content here over the past eight years, and seeing the fantastic images and videos youve uploaded.
Comic has the same topic (1-2 words that sum up the story.
Stylistic elements of modern fable (characters are people, theme is implicit).3.
As of August 4, 2018, the 3D photo functionality of m has been transitioned over.To show understanding of fable elements:1.The 3D video functionality of this site is no longer available.Attach "Classical Fable" to comic strip.3) Create a rough storyboard sketching out your illustrations and writing your captions for each frame.Long, medium, close-up) to communicate feelings and Careful!1.Ensure spelling, punctuation, usage, capitalization are correct.2.

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