escort passport 9500ix radar/laser detector (blue display) best buy

2.) Reimbursement is only available for speeding violations received by the revue technique ford escort 1 8 td original purchaser or gift recipient (as evidenced by original receipt) of the.
AutoLearn: Artificial Intelligence Protection, the 9500ix also features AutoLearn technology, an artificial intelligence that recognizes false alerts.
It even eliminates annoying false alarms.If you plan to use your 9500ix in more than one vehicle, consider picking up an additional for each car.The database is frequently updated, and.Press the "Mark" button to set a new speed trap location in the 9500ix's memory.For the ultra-experienced radar user, the 9500ix can even display the exact frequency of the radar band being detected.Autoweek, radar detectors are legal in 49 states (only Virginia prohibits their use).This limited guarantee is also only available for radar and laser detected speeding tickets and is subject to the terms and conditions set forth below.The LED display indicates which band of radar is hitting you and displays the signal strength via bar graph meter readout.
A photograph is taken of the car and a ticket is mailed to the vehicle's owner.
The Passport easily locks and unlocks from the mounting base with a press of a button.
Escort s e-commerce site.
Mute, AutoMute, and AutoVolume It's understandable that you probably don't want to listen to the audible alert's continuous tone once you're aware of a threat.
AutoMute can also be activated in the detector 's feature menu.
The Passport 9500ix can also be set to automatically detect the ambient noise level in your car, and either turn up or turn down the detector 's alert volume to compensate.Escort s toll free number at ; (b) a copy (not the original) of your speeding ticket or court receipt, which must clearly identify that ticket was received for a radar or laser detected speeding violation (or provide other proof that ticket was for speeding.Escort via its toll free number at.Speed traps are pretty sneaky and are usually located to catch unsuspecting motorists t not if you're equipped with the 9500ix.Escort iX and, escort, max 360 units purchased between August 15th through September 30th 2016 directly from.Of course if you prefer maximum radar protection, this feature can be turned off by selecting Highway mode.When traveling at highway speeds, the Escort is on full alert with maximum radar sensitivity for the best possible performance.When the signal passes out of range, the 9500ix will turn its audible alert back.

Alerts and Audio As you approach a radar source, the Passport 9500ix will alert you with a distinct audible alert for the particular band of radar as well as a visual alert on the blue LED display.
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