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It was from my mate and his wife.
From Brindisi in Italy he sailed to rica and his photographs show a transport train in the Atlas mountains between Tunis and Algiers in Dec 1943 and a large group of British soldiers in uniform at Fort de l'Eau Algeria (a suburb of Algiers).
It could have been different as, at some stage, there was the toss of a coin to decide which of two Medical Officers is to serve in the D Day landings (June 6th 1944).
I was also informed that his unit relieved one of the German concentration camps.When it became dark a lot of other troops assembled and a smallish boat arrived.He spent most of the war years in Malta and saw a lot of action, though he lost a day's pay for being one hour late for duty, the only blot on his service record.I say posh because it didn't have passengers hanging on the sides or sitting on the roof like other trains.He told me to stay where I was and wait but that I could not take the pack.Kitty came to Cambridge and we had a lovely time, staying with my Aunt Alice.He says that he was cooking breakfast one day with fellow members of his regiment when they saw German paratroopers dropping from the sky.He was in A Company at first, and later his letters say 4th General Hospital.Chapter Three The seventeenth of January 1944 was my twenty-first birthday and here I was on this old tramp steamer in the middle of the Indian ocean with not a birthday card in sight, only the vastness of the sea.We all took turns to get onto the working escort besac party on average about twice a week while the work lasted and wondered what was in store for us the following week.Shirley Jones Add to this record.
John Edward Mcloughlin Royal Army Medical Corps My father, John Mcloughlin served from aproximatly 1943 to 1946.
I joined the wraf in 1974 as a drill instructor and re-joined some years later in 2001 as a reservist Medic only to be called up for Gulf II as aeromed evacuation.
Having delivered my patient to the hospital, a visit to the local town was called for.
Ben Fear Royal Army Medical Corps My dad served in Italy with the ramc and the Hastings Prince Edward Regiment.
Edward Warner Royal Army Medical Corps Edward Warner served with the Royal Army Medical Corps.
I remember when Dad came home Mum got him a treat - tinned sardines!It certainly put his mind at rest to know that both were doing well.We had such great times together but this I knew would be the last time that I would see him.Rabid beggars, and there were many, bitten by rabid dogs, crawling around on stumps of legs and arms.He was attached to 154th Field Ambulance in the BEF which was part of 51st Highland Division.Now, like all the others I say "Come on Joe"!If anyone recognises this man please get in touch.They had hit us with two bombs which fortunately did not explode.He may have been at Belsen, but he did not talk about this.He went on after the war to be a great surgeon in Dundee.I recall going on a patrol and running into a bunch of Germans in an armoured truck, and how we ran to get away, I jumped over a low wall, but there was a steep embankment on the other side, I rolled down the bank.On the morning of his 80th birthday, myself and my family went to the nursing home, I felt that I had to tell him he was getting a surprise, but not to tell him what it was (he thought he was getting a kissogram just.Anthony Cox Add to this record.