14306 produced as F-6D-10-NA.
Pilot KIA 13544 (353rd FS, 354th FG, 9th AF) lost from unknown cause S of Mayeene, France Aug 7, 1944.
II, serial KL330;.73 Operational Training Unit, Air Command South East Asia, Fayid, Egypt; SOC March 14, (MSN 6368) Lend-Lease to Royal AF as Thunderbolt.
13996 (328th FS, 352nd FG) lost Heijen, Holland 9/23/1944.Displayed at city of Hermosillo, Mexico in 1983.Crashed and destroyed by fire when landing in snow at Sitka, AK Jan 24, became N9623C 30702 (TB-25J) crashlanded 5 mi SW of Enid, OK May 30, 1945.Caccia Assalto 3 aerei italiani nella 2a guerra mondiale (in Italian).To French civil registry as F-azfi.Reassigned 61st TCG, Frankfurt-Rhein Main, West Germany Jan 1, 1948 Assigned 10th HBS Headquarters and Base Service Squadron, Oberpfaffenhofen, West Germany Feb 19, 1948 Salvaged Mar tania escort girl 16, (351st BG) damaged in taxiing accident May 13, 1945 and salvaged.Pilot survived and was rescued by soldiers of the US Army 88th Infantry Division.For example, the reduced power settings required by the P-38H did not allow the maneuvering flap to be used to good advantage at high altitude.This is believed to be the correct identity instead of 44-27200.
14990 (353rd FG, 350th FS) shot down by German fighter near Cologne, Geermany Mar 24, 1945.
SOC Mar 28, to raaf as A68-688.
20269 (MSN 5677) 20270 (MSN 5678) 511th FS, 405th FG, 9th AF, Ophoven Y-32, Belgium; Mid air collision 14Mar45 with P-47D and crashed in France; Pilot killed, aircraft was destroyed.
23397 (18th FG, 44th FS) lost Nov 10, 1944 while attacking Japanese convoy over Leyte.14012 (Headquarters, 339th FG, 8th AF) collided in midair with P-51C at Manor Farm, Thriplow, Cambridgeshire, England Aug 5, 1944.SOC Feb 26, to RAF as Mitchell III HD397.Grenier Jan 22, 1944.The pilot did not respond to radio calls, the aircraft crashed without the pilot bailing out.On display as 3032 at the China Aviation Museum, Xiaotangshanzen, Beijing in August 2015.30832 Mar 2, 1945: Taken on strength with usaaf Mar 4, 1945: Assigned to the 2123rd Base Unit, Turner Field, GA, for storage.