I have 3 vehicles with a V1 detector hardwired in each one so it should be pretty clear which detector I'm sold.
I sold the Passport and bought another.Without the arrows and just a buzzer, I felt defenseless.I'm sure the new Passport is carte star wars a echanger a great detector, but I've become used to the arrows on the V1 and won't do without them.Escort passport 9500ix.With all of the signal sources out there I think it's very important to know which ones you need to be concerned with and the directional information that the V1 provides is a huge help with that.Before I bought the 3rd V1 I had a Passport Solo that I was using in that car.We cover the Valentine One, Escort Redline, Max2, Passport, Beltronics STi-R Plus.I 've narrowed down to the Escort and the V-one AND I know this may have been covered in some shape or form in past threads BUT, in a new unit of time.In the end it will be a personal decision based on your needs, driving style, and features wanted as each one V1 vs Passport 9500xi are comparable.#3 sudbury, ON, TO locate.
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