Even though Lindros career was cut short due to injuries, he and the maison close à bruxelles trade still had a huge impact on the NHL.
McMillan, Tom (June 21, 1991).
If Forsberg would have come we wouldn't have.He really revolutionized the power forward of the modern era, Mark Messier said of Lindros.Details on how to decline their use can be found in our.A b Miller, Randy (November 18, 2014).A b c d Bondy, Filip (July 1, 1992).Murray, Ray (June 10, 1996).June 20, 1992 marked one of the stranger days in NHL history: Just prior to the start of the draft, the Nordiques twice traded Lindros' rights - first to the.The Nordiques selected Jocelyn Thibault with one of the picks, while they traded the second draft pick, which the Washington Capitals used to select Nolan Baumgartner.Lindros played for the Flyers until 2001.
So in our minds we had it down to four or five franchises that would make a serious run at this and we'd be one of them.".
"Flyers' Eric Lindros did things his way".
Lindros trade boosts Quebec-Denver franchise"."Flyers Say Lindros Deal Was Done Claim Quebec Reneged".There were teams that would come up and talk to him about Lindros and present what they could.19 Within 80 minutes of agreeing to a trade with Farwell, Marcel Aubut, the president of the Nordiques, had second thoughts about the trade with Philadelphia and verbally agreed to trade Lindros to the New York Rangers.We just didn't feel there were very many teams that would have both the motivation and the assets to do that trade.Honestly, we were nervous about the size of the package all along, even right to the end.The trade was contingent on Lindros agreeing to play in Philadelphia.For it to actually happen, there were so many rumors about who might be involved, what it would take to get him.".We use cookies to give you the best online experience.The Flyers filed a grievance with the NHL, which led to a lengthy, high-profile arbitration process.Eric Lindros was drafted by the Quebec Nordiques first-overall in 1991 but refused to play for them, setting the stage for one of the most influential and impactful trades in NHL history.

For all his skill, Lindros had one failing: a penchant for skating with his head down.