echange dvd contre blu ray

Wreck, apr 22, 2009, now all the HD-DVD box sets are going to start selling considering if you do kapag puno na ang salop imdb the math you can then get the Blu-ray counterparts for alot cheaper through this program :-p.
I had not picked up on that (Digibook version).
The real benefactor here are bargain hunters, like me, who just went and bought Casablanca and UMC for 30 on HD DVD for new, and I'll do this upgrade thing for another 20 and get the full Blu Ray versions of the films for about.
If I can upgrade to the gift set, it would be 10 cheaper than doing each individually.Maygit Apr 22, 2009 This is awesome!Lordy Apr 24, 2009 Dynamo of Eternia: "So why won't this same method work for the (Matrix) Ultimate collection in the event that someone threw out the removable cardboard portion with the UPC for the set on it?" It will." Well escort à mulhouse if that is the case, then instead of having to send them the entire cover art for individual movies, can we just cut out the UPC code from the back and send them that?Manhattan Apr 22, 2009 That's an interesting program.Chevypower Apr 23, 2009 Good on WB for taking a format that is dead.In return, you may choose from 104,181 available Movies!I have never owned one but I doubt it would make sense to go buy them and exchange them.
My Blu-ray collection might be slowly expanding, but I thank the club for saving me a lot of money.
Maybe someone could offer a better price for exchange if there are a large number of disks being exchanged?
For some box sets, there's potential for more than one person to essentially luck out.Take care and thank you for shopping with.Yspkrk Apr 22, 2009 This would be a great program for Fry's and other retail stors that still have a lot of HD DVDs in stock.Top reviewer mugupo Apr 22, 2009 The deal isnt that great, consider the upgrade and shipping fee is equal to most of those title in used copy on amazon or ebay.Help page, but it has mysteriously disappeared.According to the e-mail I got from them confirming my order the Superman Returns disc they are sending is listed as TrueHD Audio.