Just like the memories we make while enjoying good friends, family, and wine, the corks can be used to hold our memories long after the last sip has been taken.
Super cool and super easy.I dont like them, but Im sure I vielle coquine will find something to do with them lol.This effortless DIY will add a touch of vineyard chic to your home or office.My brother is getting married and one of the design element on their stationery is this charming heart finger prints.Super neat and function! DIY Wine Cork Jewelry Peg Display Project.I know that people are always looking for cool ways to add a little flare to their childrens room or to the kitchen.Simple Crafter, One Domesticated Diva, Daily Danny, and Crafty Nest.Click here to get directions.
They turned out super cute, and then I said to myself, Self.
This used the same idea as a trivet, but I think these are super cute to be used around the house.
It can protect your data from your everyday snoopy people around the house lol!
So, without further availhere they are and have fun crafting!On the kraft cardstock paper, print the names of your guests and their respective table numbers.and a fun design you can do together that will have both of your fingerprints all over it literally!If you know how to crochet, this gives you a great idea of what.You can change up the different colors for the season or to match your home decor color scheme!They both use 2 different techniques in make one.Cut them by words into little pieces.One I happen to like over the other because of the heat resistance method used.These are just too darn cute and so easy to make.DIY Wine Cork Stamps Project Yes!There a few different types of wine corks.Its my favorite because the time and meaning behind it, and the love the went into it and comes out.Great technique on color usage and everything.DIY Wine Cork Garland Project Garlands arent just for Christmas, you can make them for all the different season and holidays!

The first is just adorable, with a hint of beautiful blue ribbon used to wrap it around for an amazing accent.
A Few Inspirational Photos To Enjoy!
DIY Wine Cork Serving Tray Project.