Huggalump: This isnt a real word, but doesnt it sound adorable?
Starfish- This is one of the safer varieties of the pet name Star.Honey Lips- For lips as sweet as sugar.Cutie Pie- Common, but classic.Honey Bee like Honey, but with a sting!Precious Angel- See the previous comment.Snuggles- Dont want to waste the effort on saying Snuggle Bunny?Pooh Bear: The character Pooh Bear is adorable and cuddly and sweet so it is no wonder why this would be a great prostituées cambrai nickname for your boyfriend.Blue Eyes because of her stunning blue eyes.Star Light- I wish I may, I wish I might 143.Pick your favorite name or alternate between several different options.
Love Lumps- A little odd, but it may suit your relationship.
Lady Bug- Kind of cute.
11#51-#55 cute nicknames Mi Amor: This is the spanish version of my love.Glorious One making you glorious.Baby Cakes: This nickname is flirty and silly and it is fun to say!Peach, doll, hon, lemon, ariel, hazel, twik.Love Bug if shes given you the love bug that.Snoogans: This is another popular nickname that isnt actually a real word.Starshine- I have never heard this before, but your girlfriend will suisse libertine probably think that it is rather pretty.Tigress- An ideal name for passionate, fiery lovers.Bean: Bean is a fun word to say and sometimes its fun to give your guy a nickname for no other reason except that you like to say it!Of course, it helps if youve got some James Bond joke going on between the two of you and she calls you Bond.