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Just after sunrise, the hotel manager ran across the road to alert him to a problem.
They carried fluorescent poster boards with handwritten messages denouncing the evictions and government corruption.American tourists need to really know whats going on down here, said Ken Wolf, an American entrepreneur who lost his hotel in Tulum in a similar raid several years ago.New York Times was describing Tulum as a destination so popular with the fashion crowd this time of year that it almost feels like fashion week.But its very expensive, pretty bad service and mainly there are thousands of mosquitoes inside the rooms.That night, rumors swirled of a plot among aggrieved Tulum residents to start a counterinvasion and drive out the guards.Some have called it the new Goa except that it's just 80 miles down the coast from Cancún, so you can leave New York in the morning and be drinking mezcal on the beach there before sunset.This was a shock to outsiders, but not exactly a surprise to locals.At one point, a group of men dropped from a truck and hopped over the fence of one of the properties.Boutique hotels and beach clubs line the narrow beachfront strip, where the sand is white and fine.French (5 more languages, excellent23, very good6, average4, poor2.Silva paid 300,000 for coquine 80 a patch of undeveloped jungle land.
And with help from the courts, the Schiavon Magañas won possession of the landan important edge in a dispute when both sides might seem to have a reasonable claim.
Some of them were armed with machetes and big sticks.
Its like the world, he said.
He resolved to move to Tulum while sitting in a traffic jam in Mexico City, and he founded Papaya Playa as a collection of simple huts for backpackers.
Photograph: Bloomberg But the evicted hoteliers were in a tough position.In 2006, before he started building, he had learned there was a competing claim to part of the land, but decided to move ahead with the project.There were some in 2011, and another round in 2013.He had a law degree, an apartment in Porto and an inkling that something was missing in his life.There are more than 200 hotels on the main beach zone of Tulum, so there are plenty of places that remain open for business.".When one property owner refused the armed men entry, he was pepper-sprayed in the face.There was talk of a paramilitary force of 300 to 400 people.There were still no power lines to the beach.In the 1970s the Mexican government created an ejido in Tulum, but since the area was all jungle then, no one bothered to precisely delimit the tractand, crucially for today's dispute, the documentation was vague on whether it extended to the beach.In its 16 years of existence, Astrolodge had developed into an odd fusion of commune and luxury hotel.Silva had paid 60 per sq m for his land, a price that was considered high in 2000.Simple hotels some inspired by the palapas, the traditional huts fashioned out of tree limbs and palm thatch started emerging from the dunes.The group drummed up publicity by sending the video to local politicians and the media, and the demolition was halted.He returned from the kitchen and recommended we order three items.

I could see that, given the chance to buy a piece of this paradise at a discount, someone might view any future complications as a risk worth taking.