However, Tea Party members are predominantly populist, nationalist, social conservatives rather than libertarians.
These may be the byproducts of conservatism, one or more of its historically specific and ever-changing modes of expression.Butterfield, 1991: Fox Butterfield, 'Experts Explore Rise in Mass Murder' in New York Times,.102 According to Murray Rothbard, the libertarian creed emerged from the classical liberal challenges to an "absolute central State and a king ruling by divine right on top of an older, restrictive web of feudal land monopolies and urban guild controls and restrictions the mercantilism.From an anarchist perspective, however, both positionsthe minimal state (minarchist) and the no-state anarchist positionsneglect the problem of economic domination; in other words, they neglect the hierarchies, oppressions, and forms of exploitation that would inevitably arise in a laissez-faire 'free' market.Anarchism: a history of libertarian ideas and movements.Retrieved "The Non-Aggression Axiom of Libertarianism".Ginneken/Heuven, 1989: demarreur echange standard Wouter van Ginneken and Rolph van der Heuven, 'Industrialisation, employment and earnings (19501987 An international survey1 in Internationa/ Labour Review, vol.Hoggart, 1958: Richard Hoggart, The Uses of Literacy (Harmondsworth, 1958).Mehdi, first Previous 1 2 3, next, last.
However, according to left-libertarians the world's natural resources were initially unowned, or belonged equally to all, and it is illegitimate for anyone to claim exclusive private ownership of these resources to the detriment of others.
"The best-known versions of libertarianism are right-libertarian theories, which hold that agents have a very strong moral power to acquire full private property rights in external things.
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