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to become curved or bent (as from pressure) ; especially : to become blunted by bending the knife's edge had turned.
to change one's course : take a escorts nevers different course or direction turned toward home turn to the left at the foot of the hill turned from the road into a tree-shaded lane rabbit ran out and turned along the hedge Adrian Bell surge which.a varying measure for selling fish.Almost any turn of the kaleidoscope of nature may set up in the artist this vision Roger Fry.(1) : to cause to become something specified : convert, transform used with into or to giant elms that turn those streets into great cathedrals in summer Maxwell Mays turned an almost impossible challenge into a remarkable personal triumph.H.Driver had turned disappointment into revolve mentally : consider and reconsider in various aspects or from several points of view : think over : ponder turned the question every which way but could find no answer was still turning the idea about when he fell asleep usually used.Obsolete : plait.
to direct one's attention or thoughts to or away from someone or something men have turned from the discussion of universals.O.Taylor turns away in this book from his previous shock-treatment style of writing Henry Cavendish played for society dances before turning to the.
to change direction at, along, or by means of a bend or curve main road turns sharp right at the fork highway turns gradually away from the river river did indeed finally turn to the left Tom Marvel long hall runs the length.
to twist to one side or out of line or shape : wrench so easy to plant a swift blow, to turn a fragile wrist.A.Overstreet stumbled along, turning his ankle at frequent intervals Peggy Bennett.
(1) : lathe ; especially : a watchmaker's lathe (2) chiefly dialect : spinning wheel (3) : a catch or latch for a cupboard or cabinet door that is operated by turning a knob or handle.
a load of wood ; especially : a number of logs hauled on one trip.the action or an act of turning or moving about or as if about a center or axis : revolution, rotation turn is the motion employed to turn the hand either empty or loaded by movement that rotates the hand, wrist, and forearm about.the action or an act of turning so as to face or move in the opposite direction : reversal of posture or course an about turn wait for the turn of the tide sales have never been higher at this season and there are.Nautical, is likely to involve a sharp turning or veering, as of a ship, or, in more figurative use, a sharply sudden divergence from a path or course previously followed a griffon, wheeling here and there about, kept reconnoitring us till he sheered off John.a disordering spell or attack (as of illness, faintness, dizziness) some turn of disease had begun to parade erotic images before his eyes ats a delicate man, who had survived, mother alone knows how many bad turns move in a circular course or as if on an axis so as to face in various directions or in the opposite direction cabin was so small that a dog could hardly turn in it Tobias Smollett can turn on a dime for.(1) : to change one's way of life or thought by being converted to religion or a godly life turn to God disciples must turn,.e.

(1) : to direct the employment of (as to some use or purpose) : make use of : apply, devote used with to turn anthropological knowledge to practical uses Ralph Linton studying how they could best turn to their own benefit the doctrines they found.
to reverse the position of (as by making the uppermost side or part the undermost, or the outermost side or part the innermost, or the front the back) : reverse the sides or surfaces of : invert turn an hourglass turn pancakes turn.
a coiling, twisting, or winding of one thing (as a cord, rope, or wire) about another a turn is taken round the most convenient article that will take the strain Fire Service Drill Book.