I am with you and I desire to maison close francfort allemagne inspire you all: grow and rejoice in the Lord who has created you.
Today I call you to open yourselves to prayer.
Only that way shall I be able with joy to give out to you the graces and healings which Jesus is permitting.
A great battle is about to take place.Then also: "Do not give advice to anyone.It is not necessary to scold him anymore." Monday, March 25, 1985 (Feast of the Annunciation) "Through my joy and the joy of this people, I say to all of you this evening, I love you, and I wish you well." Apparitions in the Rectory.Without them, you cannot change your life.Do not talk about peace, but make peace.Let prayer and faith awaken in your hearts." To Jelena: "Each Thursday, read again the passage of Matthew 6, 24-34, before the most Blessed Sacrament, or if it is not possible to come to church, do it with your family." Monday, March 5, 1984.In my heart, oh mother of goodness, Give me your goodness, So that I go to Heaven.For that, pray very much these days." "Dear children, I came again to thank you.Thank you for having responded to my call." September 25, 1990 "Dear children!
Renew prayer in your families.
He seeks only to destroy.
The Virgin does not appear.
I do not desire your life to pass by in words but that you glorify God with deeds.Open your hearts and read the Sacred Scripture, that through echanger billet pro tgv the testimonies you also may be closer to God.Today I call you to prayer.She must call center agent girl believe firmly.I am with you and I bless you all.Thank you for having responded to my call." March 25, 2001 "Dear children!The life of each of you is important and precious, because it is a gift from the Heavenly Father for eternity.Open your hearts, little children, so that God may fill you with His love and you will be a joy to others.Through love, Jesus seeks unity between Heaven and earth; between the Heavenly Father and you, my children - His Church.Today again I call you to become carriers of my peace.With respect to you, persevere in the faith and in prayer.

Pray, and do not pay attention to others." We asked for news about.
Dedicate your time to the Rosary!" (This message Our Lady gave in response to the question of Marija Pavlovic: Our Lady, what do you wish to recommend to priests?) June 28, 1985 (Friday) "Dear children!