Troba (US Air Force) When abort is improbable, but desired.
Po Bosun (RN) The senior petty officer medical assistant on board a ship; po is British slang for a chamber pot, the couple echangiste implication being that he was in charge of emptying the chamber pots in the sickbay.Snake Pit (US) An Air Force term for the TI table in a dining facility at BMT or a situation where many people are critically watching for the slightest break in protocol, usually award events or promotion ceremonies.Old man, the (US, UK) The unit commander.Pineapple (US, World War II) Slang for a hand grenade, due to the pineapple-like shape of army issue.Rcpo (US Navy) Recruit designation in Navy Boot Camp, pronounced Are-Pock, for Recruit Chief Petty Officer.The shops have always been branded as 'Tesco but a new shop in Liverpool was the first to use the format brand 'Tesco Superstore' above the door.Slang: "Collect your shit and move out." Cunt cap (Army) The flat garrison cap, the kind often seen tucked under a shoulder epaulet in the movies."Groundsheet" is a term for a tarpaulin-like sheet used either for shelter or, in this case, protection from wet or cold ground; "regimental in this case, refers to scope of usage.Cadink (US Air Force) Slang term for an officer cadet.Consists of The Welsh, Scots, Irish, Coldstream and Grenadier Guards Foot Battalions, The Life Guards and Blues and Royals Cavalry Regiments and the Royal Horse Artillery.
According to some, a reference to the fact that the Mason Jar Company produced many of the metal helmets worn by marines during.
No shops are permitted to sell place d albertas aix en provence maison close alcohol in the area and there are no pubs, bars or fast-food outlets in Bournville due to its Quaker roots.
Keys to aircraft 300 (USN) : A form of snipe hunt.
Big Chicken Dinner (US) Bad Conduct Discharge, the less severe of the two types of punitive discharge that may be awarded by court prostituee a geneve martial (the more severe being a dishonorable discharge).Cranking can be occasionally used as a method of EMI.Retrieved 20 February 2017.34 35 Although Raoul ÇaRoule and Max Schnell appear on pictures in Ramone's House of Body Art, they do not make a physical appearance in the game.We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism.Also used by infantrymen to describe anyone other than an infantryman.